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Sunday, July 21, 2024


"I grind my teeth so bad at night I wake up my husband and have even broken my front tooth sliding my jaw back and forth in my sleep.  Dr. Walker makes a great appliance that puts my jaw in a relaxed position at night so that I don't grind.  Since wearing it, the headaches have stopped, the horrible neck pain from clenching has ceased, and my jaw no longer pops when I chew.  I swear by mine and encourage anyone who clenches and/or grinds to see Dr. Walker. Prior to having this, I tried everything - doctor's night guard from the drugstore, appliances from other dentists, but nothing relieved my pain and helped me sleep comfortably like the appliance Dr. Walker made.  Give it a try - you won't regret it!"  — M.N.M.C. , female, age 46

Commonly known as TMJ, the official name for this painful condition is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.  If you have headaches, jaw pain upon waking, constant earaches, or popping with pain in the jaw, you may be suffering from TMJ.  Dr. Walker offers a splint that is initially used as a diagnostic tool to determine if any other treatment is needed, then it used to relieve the symptoms.  Most often, patients with TMJ have teeth that hit unevenly, causing pain in the joint and muscles.  Wearing the splint allows the inflammation in the joint to heal by allowing the teeth of one jaw to rest evenly on the splint rather than on teeth of the opposing jaw.  If you also grind your teeth at night, the splint relieves stress in the jaw caused by grinding.  Once your pain has ceased, then a determination is made as to whether other treatment is needed or the splint should be used alone. 

The cost of the splint includes two visits:  one for the x-rays and molds of your teeth, and the second to deliver and customize the splint.  The fee also includes a number of adjustments and depending on your insurance policy, may be covered under your major medical.  While we are not providers for most insurance, we are happy to file for you.  Check with your provider or human resource manager for details on your specific policy.  Call us today and let us get you on the road to recovery!