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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

"I'm singing the praises of an orthodontist who has cured my snoring/sleep apnea without my having to be hooked up to a machine, without surgery, without drugs, without nose strips - it's awesome!...Since using it, I haven't snored or even moved all night long." — L.B. , female, age 54
“I had not one, but two surgical procedures in attempting to take care of the problem.  (You’d think as a physician I would have better sense than to go through the procedure a second time!) No improvement. ..You constructed my appliance, and to this day, I’ve slept noiselessly (talk about a grateful wife!) and restfully.  All symptoms of sleep apnea & sleep deprivation disappeared overnight.”  — E.S., male, age 56
“My ‘mouthpiece’ has been a marriage saver.  I now enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and so does my lovely bride.  Dr. Walker’s device really works, and I recommend it to all my friends.”   
Z.T., male, age 44                                                                                        
No sleep?
No surgery,
No Problem!
There IS rest for the weary!  If you are falling asleep during the day because you are not sleeping fitfully at night OR have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, we have a solution that could change your life - WITHOUT surgery or wrestling wtih a CPAP machine.  Dr. Walker makes an individualized removable appliance that is worn only while sleeping.  It is small, easy to wear, and super portable, making traveling with it a breeze. 
This appliance works for both obstructive apnea and benign snoring by holding the lower jaw forward, which pulls the base of the tongue away from the back of the throat, opening the airway naturally.  It is noninvasive and reversible.  Having an appliance custom-made requires two visits; the first for an evaluation, a panoramic x-ray, and molds of your teeth, and the second for the new appliance to be fitted and adjusted specifically for you. Our fee includes the initial x-ray, the appliance, and unlimited adjustments.  Because Dr. Walker makes this appliance in-house, costs are reduced, making it considerably less than others in the area and less than alternative treatments. Depending on your insurance policy, the appliance may be covered under your major medical.  While we are not providers for most insurance, we are happy to file for you. Check with your provider or Human Resource Manager for details on your specific policy. 
You will never have to sleep on the sofa again – we don’t charge extra for saving marriages.