Carl Walker Orthodontics
Sunday, July 21, 2024

Meet the Staff

You might have noticed our tag line “And the crooked shall be made straight”. We have used the passage in Luke 3:5c tongue-in-cheek to illustrate the value we place on our mandate of getting things straightened out. We're thankful our Lord has a sense of humor and consider it one of the best things about our practice!  We seriously love what we do and the people with whom we do it, and we hope it shows.

Our Staff

Skilled? Yup - over 75 years experience between them.
Committed? You bet. No one is more invested in making each patient’s orthodontic experience as good as it gets. Our staff goes above and beyond to give them every chance to successfully complete treatment.
Relational? No doubt. We make it our mission to celebrate each patient as a unique individual and develop relationships with each and every one. If patient relationships were an Olympic sport, we’d be gold medalists.
Perfect? Not a chance. But every challenge is met head-on with kindness, determination and persistence.
Fun-loving? Need you ask? Seriously.
     Office Manager
     New Patient Coordinator

“The staff is flexible and friendly and creates an atmosphere that makes my children want to come to the orthodontist!”
—P.D. mom of 2 females, ages 15 & 12
“I purposely break my retainer every six to nine months just to visit Dr. Walker and his staff!!”
—P.T., female, age 38