Carl Walker Orthodontics
Friday, June 14, 2024

Grin Gallery

 Before & After Treatment photos illustrate how orthodontics
can transform the facial appearance - hence our tag line
"The crooked shall be made straight".
       Before Ortho               After Ortho
Patient came in with a slightly deep bite, some crowding and an offset midline.
Eighteen months of braces straightened her out!
This patient arrived with a gap between her front teeth, a crossbite on the left side
and some straight up wonky teeth.  Early treatment with a removable appliance
kept her time in braces to less than a year - she was so excited to show off
her new smile!
Patient came to us with the primary issue of crossbite on both sides.  Early treatment
helped her avoid surgery later.  By using arch expanders followed by braces
in a two-phase treatment, we were able to give her a smile that won't quit!
This adult male presented with excessive spacing that had always bothered him,
but after only a year in braces, is no longer self-conscious about his smile!
Patient presented with crowding, an overjet (upper teeth stick out too far), and a
midline offset.  We were able to correct all of these issues with a combination
of expansion, headgear, a removable appliance and braces.  
Patient had some crowding and only needed 13 months in braces to achieve her
photo-worthy smile. She's ready for her close-up!