Carl Walker Orthodontics
Friday, June 14, 2024

Your First Visit

“Dr. Walker does a wonderful job explaining to parents and children what to expect with their treatment plans.  He makes things simple and easy to understand.  He and his staff are always friendly, patient, and fun to visit.” — E.H., patient & mom of P.H., age 12


 “Our first visit was very pleasant.  Dr. Walker made us feel very comfortable.  The treatment plan seemed very practical, and the office in general gave us a warm and welcome feeling.” — K.R., mom of G.R., age14

Your initial visit to our office consists of a thorough examination and takes about an hour. Dr. Walker is well known for his straight talk and will give you all the options available if treatment is necessary. We allow plenty of time for you to have your questions answered, and if the patient is a child, we enjoy discussing the diagnosis and treatment plan with parents. When conventional treatment methods are not possible, Dr. Walker relishes the creative problem solving needed to meet a patient’s special situation. Quality orthodontics are available all over the Birmingham area, but Dr. Walker’s knack for giving it to you straight, in addition to his ability to offer several approaches for each treatment, is something that sets him apart from the rest.  

We will also go over financial arrangements and any insurance details.  As always, there is no charge for the evaluation.  Click on NP FORM to print the form you will need to complete and bring for the first visit.  We can’t wait to see you so we can straighten you out!


“My son was extremely nervous, but Dr. Walker’s staff was great with him, by explaining what they were doing and why – for an 8 year old, that is important!  From then on, he looked forward to going to the orthodontist, believe it or not! — G.C., mom of D.C., age 10